Opened the section "Portrait 1-8"

7 September 2019
Andrey Bezukladnikov

Headline art.

I’ve been reading a resource for a long time on auto-sports topics and somehow gradually noticed that it’s enough for me to read the title of the article and there is no point in opening it. Everything is so clear.

I just did the same: wrote the name and why read the article once the title has it all. But I’ll write something in memory, add a couple of lines.

Briefly in essence.

This section of the photo portraits taken at a long, relatively long shutter speed, 1/8 "(one eighth of a second). This is nothing unusual, unique, revolutionary. At the time of low sensitivity photo materials, they were also shot at slower shutter speeds.

Eka has not seen one eighth.

I noticed for myself that when choosing a form: what, what and how to shoot, I need emotional clues. Or formal ...

Such a clue was suggested by an album with photographs, or rather, by the author. About ten years ago I bought or presented. I am not distinguished by a good memory and do not remember the details. Most likely this album was bought in the "Foreign Book", on the Kuznetsk bridge.  Album Gunter "Jim" Rakete "1/8". Good edition. Black-and-white photos, taken "to format".

And the story of shooting on one-eighth hooked me. Use shutter speed as a fulcrum. All other components may change, but the frame must be “sustained” by one-eighth.

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