About the project "White Ship"

5 June 2021

Attended the presentation of the educational project "White Ship".

The educational project "White Ship", intended for a children's audience, was presented in Moscow. The presentation took place at the Gilyarovsky Center. The project, which tells about the heritage of the Russian Diaspora in the field of science and culture, is supported by the Foundation for the Memory of the White Movement under the aegis of the Kursk Root Icon of the Mother of God.

The "White Ship" project is working on preparing a cycle of classes that will acquaint schoolchildren with the history and life of the Russian Diaspora. A lesson on the Russian Exodus is already ready. (text from the portal "Russian World" / my photos)  

Princess Elizabeth Apraksina
Princess Elizabeth Apraksina presents the book by Nikolai Ross "Wrangel in the Crimea" (publishing house "White Cross")

Презентация детского социального проекта, связанного с русской эмиграцией
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