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11 November 2019

There is such a place in the Pskov province on the peninsula on Lake Zavolotskoe, 12 km from the town of Pustoshka, on the outskirts of the village of Kopylok (used to be Bolshoi Island, Lake Podzo). In the 16th century, the wooden fortress Zavolochye stood on it on an earthen rampart and nine wooden towers. In the fortress were the governor’s courtyard and the Church of the Protection of the Holy Virgin with two chapels. According to historian Vasiliev, Zavolochye was built shortly after Ivangorod and repeats its layout.

The fortress is noted in history by the fact that in 1580, at the final stage of the Livonian War, Zavolochye was besieged by the Polish king Stefan Batory. The siege turned out to be a serious loss for the royal troops, but three weeks later the garrison of Zavolochye, led by the seriously wounded governor Vasily Dolgovo-Saburov, capitulated. After the Yam-Zapolsky world, Zavolochye returned to the Russian state.

Zavolochye retained its strategic importance until the era of Peter I. During the Northern War, it contained a garrison and, on the orders of the king, instead of the former nine towers, eight bastions were erected. However, after the war ended, the fortress lost its strategic importance and became desolate. Until 1777, Zavolochye was the center of the Pustorzhevsky district.

For a long time near the settlement there was the village of Zavolochye, which at present has become part of the neighboring village of Kopylok.

They say that here you can find the remains of fortifications: ramparts, ditches, places of walls and towers. We did not find anything like it there, except for a plaque and a field bounded by a ridge of trees from the lake.

But the grassland on the field is mowed by a local resident of advanced years, it is these tractors.

august 2019
Belarus is the name of a family of wheeled tractors manufactured at the Minsk Tractor Plant since 1950, as well as at the Southern Machine-Building Plant.

august 2019


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