project a—s—t—r—a open vol.4

25 January 2024

They invited me to film the opening of the exhibition at Winzavod, in the gallery a—s—t—r—a. Previously, a long time ago, this site hosted the gallery.

Here are excerpts from the press release about the exhibition:
" project a—s—t—r—a open vol.4
On January 23, the opening of the fourth edition of the annual project a-s-t-r-a OPEN will take place - a series of group exhibitions (winter and summer) of artists, during which the gallery space becomes a place of institutional debut, testing of new ideas and a platform for artistic dialogue.

As part of this initiative, a—s—t—r—a gallery continues the main line of its activities - the discovery of new names, experimentation and testing of hypotheses. The gallery does not set any formal restrictions, which makes it possible to collect interesting combinations of participants and present both completely unknown names and show the works of established authors...

The exhibition features 22 artists: Olga Makhno, Polina Savina, Arina Frank (Belova), Daria Goncharova, Evgenia Bolyukh, Alexey Nepetrovich, Egor Voskresensky, Ivan Lebedev, Tatyana Elizarova, Maria Stadnik, Margarita Gushchenets, Mikhail Kropin, Anton Yakovlev, Svetlana Kononova , Anastasia Kulikova, Igor Ponosov, Alexey Gromov, Rinat Mustafin, Alexandra Demidova, Konstantin Chirkov, Anastasia Charugina, Victor Piperov.

Also, as part of the STATEMENT program (a cycle of personal exhibitions and statements in the format of a manifesto + one work), Polina Savina’s project with the manifesto “Life and Life” will be shown."

p.s: My task is to photograph visitors and authors of the exhibition

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