Cortazar: I'm playing seriously.

23 November 2023

From 19.11 to 19.12.2023 in the PLOTKINART ART SHOWROOM.

PLOTKINART ART SHOWROOM presents an exhibition of the personal project "Cortazar: I'm playing seriously" by the artist and translator Nadezhda Belenkaya. You will see the result of an explosive transition from a declaration of love to the work of Julio Cortazar in translated texts, which are perfect, thanks to the super-responsiveness of Nadezhdy, to an equally high-quality expression of this love in paintings.

Here is a unique case of the birth of a "supernova", when in the works you find both a unique author's language, and a powerful emotional content, and an intellectual message that lifts the viewer to a new height of perception of our world.

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