Opera non-stop. Octavia. Trepanation

13 June 2023

"Stanislavsky Electrotheatre" Opera non-stop. Octavia. Trepanation

Octavia. Trepanation, an opera directed by Boris Yukhananov and composed by Dmitri Kourliandski, marked the first time that the Holland Festival had mounted a co-production with a Russian theatre. The premiere took place as part of the main program of the 70th anniversary running of the Holland Festival in June 2017 on the stage of Muziekgebouw, Europe’s largest platform for the performance of contemporary music. Octavia. Trepanation is a musical reflection on the theme of violence and tyranny. The libretto is based on a 1924 essay by Leon Trotsky about Lenin and fragments of a play attributed to Seneca about the Roman emperor Nero.

On two photos there is a theater photographer Andrey Bezukladnikov, the founder and head of the resource

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