Rukami part two. About the fact that I'm not a photo editor.

4 October 2019

In the morning, the city smelled strongly of burning peat. My morning began like this.

Parked in the garbage. It is about ten minutes to VDNH, to the Khovansky entrance and the same to the entrance to the festival. Maria Mikhailovna, our fairy and part-time coordinator of work, met me with open arms (hyperbole).

Shura and Ruslan came earlier and went to inspect the site. And me too. And look for friends.

thread portraits
I found my friends at the entrance

Friends, oppo

The smoke cleared and the day promised to be hot.

Rostec. Experiments on people.
Everything is not ready yet
"is our profession ready?" (sic)
fashion photographer
famous skeptic
Not yet transferred women with screwdrivers
 Some more than once fell into the frame
Come on, row!

Last day of summer and very hot! Colleagues looked something like this 


p.s. And yes, I’ve never been a photo editor.

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