Midjourney and Russian history

17 February 2023

Digging into Midjourney (a neural network that generates images).

And so, the first request - "Decembrists on horseback" (inspired by the story of the historian Boris Kipnis).

The Hateful Eight

The result is in the spirit of The Hateful Eight. I did not improve.

So…, I think she knows nothing about the Decembrists, but about the Russian tsars, for example?

Request number 2: "Russian tsars on horseback"

Russian tsars on horseback

Oh! Improved the first one. )

Russian tsars on horseback

What do they have instead of legs? ))

And if so? Request number 3: "Russian Tsars on motorcycles"

Russian Tsar on a motorcycle

Gave the building to improve the fourth.

Russian Tsar on a motorcycle

Oops! What is a prosthesis? )

The next step is to make more options from this

Russian Tsar on a motorcycle

I gave the task to improve the 3rd.

Russian Tsar on a motorcycle

Well, it looks like nothing more. )

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